Presense is a platform for the creation and tracking of personal synthetic replicas navigating multiple urban environments in parallel. Acting as a "refractive lens" between the user and their host city, the platform creates personalized predictive models of user activity and is trained from user interaction in order to deploy and manage their multiple replicas in different cities.
Shanzhai Sonata
Shanzhai Sonata is a cinematic meditation on the post-work economy emerging in Shenzhen. The city is ready to become a testbed for the economy of digital twins - a system where the production value is generated through the data models of human behaviours. As it enters the stage of post-work society, more people rely on their digital twins for economic gains. These early adopters came to be known as data trainers.

Shanzhai sonata investigates the swarm effect of the new economic order emerging from Shenzhen, drawing fact and fiction from the Shenzhen's native notion of shanzhai. The question of 'value' of a copy is approached by looking at it from a macro scale, treating Shenzhen as an unprecedented phenomenon of urban and economic growth - an outcome stemming from that very same ideal.

Set in the imminent future, the film narrates one story occurring in parallel in Shenzhen, Amsterdam and Moscow as three separate narrative movements of a single sonata. What holds them together is the story's protagonist investigating a data monetization phenomenon made possible through a new digital platform - Presense.
The film is created with the support from the Design Trust Hong Kong.
Presense is a platform that processes your behavioral data to create a quantified version of you - the predicted SELF. The Predicted Self shows you the possible futures in your city that are likely going to happen to you in the days ahead.

building the platform Presense highlights the phenomena of predictive self-sensing - a feeling that you experience when you see your computer generated future reflected back to you.

¬ęBased on the predicted self, Presense allows you to create synthetic replicas and deploy them to any distant environment. Presense grants you insight into the multiple lives you might be living somewhere else.

You can subscribe to your synthetic replicas on social media to observe their actions through the feed they generate. Presense creates your own social network - a social multiverse of the self.